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Digital Radiography (X-ray)

Young patient waiting in a dental chair while dentist reviews digital xrays on a computer tabletRadiography has long been an important part of diagnosis and good health management. The evolution from the traditional film radiography to digital radiography has brought about improvements in healthcare delivery. Digital radiography as a diagnostic imaging technique is the capturing and processing of the data from an image with the use of x-ray sensitive plates. With digital radiography, there is no use of a cassette or intermediate disk. Instead, the x-rays are directly converted to an image with the aid of a computer or other electronic device.

Digital radiography uses silicon or amorphous selenium, which are solid-state detectors. Digital radiographs can be one of two types: direct digital radiography or indirect digital radiography. At Peninsula Family Dental Center, with the goal of providing convenient and cost-effective dental care for everyone, we offer digital radiography as an essential part of preventive, diagnostic, and management procedures. Anyone, including newborns, can obtain a digital radiograph.

Digital Radiography Examination

You do not have to do anything special before a digital radiograph of your oral cavity is taken. A digital radiograph does not need to be taken at every visit to the dental office. If you are a new patient, our dental professionals will take digital radiographs unless recent radiographs can be obtained from a previous dental office. A good history and comprehensive physical oral examination are taken before the radiographs are taken. However, ensure your mouth is clean in order provide a clean working environment for our dental professional. Observe proper hygiene. Whether in your dental office or in a special radiography room, you might have to take off all facial jewelry or appliances to prevent the appearance of opaque regions on the radiograph. Afterwards, you will sit in a chair, and a lead vest will be placed over your chest. Then the x-ray machine will be placed adjacent to your head.

Our dental professional needs digital radiographs to ascertain the health status of your teeth. They also help our dental professional detect tumors or cysts at their earliest stages. In children especially, it is used to monitor the growth of teeth. It can even aid in the detection and immediate intervention of impacted teeth.

Advantages of Digital Radiography

Digital radiography provides better placement over film radiography. It improves the quality of dental care. Digital radiography gives better image quality than film radiography. It allows our dental professional to maneuver the images to see the minutest details. Digital radiographs allow for better record keeping and tracking than film radiographs. It allows for quick and easy retrieval of radiograph images. Images do not have to be held against a source of light before they can be read or interpreted, compared to film radiographs which have to be placed against a light box. This also makes digital radiographs more convenient to read anywhere, anytime as long as an electronic device is available. Digital radiographs allow for easy transfer between individuals, healthcare professionals, and non-professionals. With digital radiography, there is elimination of multiple retakes brought about by error due to poor positioning. Fewer retakes equal less exposure to radiation, which is beneficial to your overall health.

Digital radiography is a cost-effective and safe procedure which enables the early detection and proper management of diseases. Please call (907) 283-9125 today to reach us at Peninsula Family Dental Center for a better dental care experience.
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