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What Are Panoramic Dental X Rays?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Dr. Joe Mirci
What Are Panoramic Dental X Rays?Panoramic radiography, often termed panoramic x-ray, is a double dental x-ray scan that covers the whole mouth in one view, as well as the teeth, top and bottom jaws, as well as underlying tissue and structures. The mandible is a curving bone like a wedge. The panoramic x-ray, on the other hand, creates a flat view of the curving geometry. It generally includes information on the skeleton. An x-ray is a painless clinical diagnostic that aids doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses. Screening using x-rays entails revealing a tiny part of the body to a low dosage of radionuclides to create images of the inside of the system. X-rays are the most basic and widely utilized aspect of health detection.

In contrast to a typical intraoral x-ray, in which the film/x-ray scanner is inserted within the mouth, the image for a panoramic x-ray is kept within the apparatus. Panoramic dental x-rays capture the whole mouth in a single image using a tiny amount of ionizing radiation. It is done basically in actual life by dentists and orthodontists and can schedule therapy for dentures, braces, removals, and inserts. For more information or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today.

What should I do to prepare?

There is no need to prepare for a panoramic x-ray test. As a measure, you may be requested to apply a lead apron to prevent the entire body from any radioactive risk that may spread from the panoramic x-ray stream. You may also be advised to remove any valuables from the area being scanned, as well as any spectacles or metallic materials that might compromise with the x-ray pictures.

Women should still notify their dentist or oral doctor if they suspect they are expectant. Many scanning examinations are avoided as much as possible to avoid exposing the fetus to radiation. If you have a problem with the preparation of the same, do not hesitate to call us immediately.

How Is The Process Carried Out?

First, you will be placed in the unit's center, where the expert will properly fix and secure your skull. The device may be modified to suit a wheelchair-bound patient standing or sitting. An occlusal is then inserted in your mouth to guarantee appropriate tooth alignment. The correct positioning of the teeth and head is critical for producing a good picture.

You will be requested to stay completely still as the spinning arm moves in a curve around the circumference of your head, capturing pictures. This can last anywhere from 20 to 40 seconds. For more information call us today.
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