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Why Do I Need a Head and Neck Exam?

Posted on 10/11/2021 by Dr. Joe Mirci
Why Do I Need a Head and Neck Exam?A patient can have a head and neck exam to find out if they have a disease in any of both areas. This exam consists of a series of tests designed to evaluate the state of the ears, mouth, nose, neck, pharynx, and thyroid.

When Do I Need a Head and Neck Exam?

Normally, we recommend having a head and neck exam if you show symptoms of a disease in either of them. Although symptoms may differ depending on the type of disease, some of the most common are; meningitis, inflation of the ear canals, oral cancer, allergic rhinitis, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, deviated septum, or chronic arthritis in the neck.

What Are Examined Areas Procedures

During a head and neck exam, we will individually go through each of their areas to check in order to have greater certainty of what disease a patient may face. Some of the areas we examine are the ears, looking for abnormalities such as skin cancer. Its examination consists of looking for any type of pus, wax, or other debris that obstructs the ear canals.

The nose is also examined in patients who suffer from previous fractures or a saddle nose. Its examination consists of inspecting the nostrils in order to assess the airflow that circulates through the nose.

Of course, we also take a look at the mouth and pharynx with the help of a flashlight and a tongue blade. The exam consists of checking the tongue, gums, and teeth in search of diseases. We also inspect the oral canal in its entirety. For the neck examination, we need to explore the anterior, posterior, and lateral face in search of masses, pulsations, nodules, and deformities that may affect it.

Diseases are easier to treat when we find them at early stages, so it is important that you come visit us if you are presenting any abnormality on your head or neck. If you want to know more about the importance of this exam, please contact us today.

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