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How Parsley Can Improve Your Breath

Posted on 9/6/2021 by Dr. Joe Mirci
How Parsley Can Improve Your BreathSadly, we have all had bad breath before. Stinky breath is obvious after a full meal that included garlic. Coffee breath strikes in the morning hours. Peanut butter breath is overwhelming. Many more flavors of bad breath plague us, but what causes that stinky smell?

Bad breath could be the result of a sinus problem, postnasal drip, or a variety of infections. Diabetes can also cause bad breath. Regardless of how you developed bad breath, there are some lifestyle remedies that may help you. It may be surprising to you, but consuming parsley is on that list of remedies.

What Can I do to Take Away My Bad Breath?

Brushing your teeth regularly is our top suggestion to fight bad breath. Make sure to floss your tongue too as stinky bacteria likes to collect on the back of your tongue. In addition, consider the positive benefits of parsley as it pertains to fighting bad breath.

Parsley has a fresh scent that can combat our stinky smells. It works to overpower and cover up unpleasant scents in your mouth. Some say it has a deodorizing effect. Parsley also contains a green pigment known as chlorophyll, which has healing power as well as the power to fight bad breath.

Parley also helps the canine in your life fight the good fight. Look for treats that contain parsley to freshen their breath and get rid of nasty bacteria that causes bad breath. So next time you are at the dog park chatting with your friends, remember that everyone involved can benefit from a little parsley.

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