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Why Are Crowns Used on Many Big Cavities?

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Dr. Joe Mirci
Why Are Crowns Used on Many Big Cavities?Unfortunately, many people have cavities in their teeth. In fact, cavities are some of the most common health problems around the globe. Dental cavities are tiny holes in the enamel of your teeth. In the early stages, you do not feel a cavity in your tooth. Sadly, many cavities are left untreated. If a small cavity becomes larger, it can grow into a sizable hole in your tooth. Regardless of the size of cavity in your mouth, it is important to seek our professional dental help to resolve the problem.

Options for Treating Cavities

If the cavity is caught early, it is possible to treat the small cavity with a small filling or even fluoride treatment if the cavity is in its infancy. If the cavity is larger, we may need to use other options.

Depending on the size of the cavity, we can use a filling to treat it. However, if the cavity is significant in size, we will have to look at other dental treatments. For more severe decay in larger teeth, we may suggest a crown. A crown is a custom-fit cap that goes over the tooth. Before placing the crown, we would remove the decayed tooth material. We like to use crowns because they restore the shape of your teeth when we are unable to use a filling. They typically don't require special care. It is important to take care of a tooth that has a crown by continuing to brush that tooth twice a day along with the rest of your mouth. Crowns are used on many big cavities, and we feel it is an excellent option.

Make Your Appointment

If you suspect you have a cavity, call our office immediately, and our helpful staff will assist you. We want to work with you to get into our office as soon as possible. We look forward to doing a professional cleaning and dental exam on your mouth. We want to help you have a beautiful smile as well as the best possible oral health.
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