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Why Are Vegans More Susceptible To Cavities Than Those Who Eat Meat?

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. Joe Mirci
Why Are Vegans More Susceptible To Cavities Than Those Who Eat Meat?Several studies have shown that vegans are more susceptible to dental cavities, tooth decay, and insufficient saliva production. The reason behind this is that when you remove certain foods from your diet, you risk deficiency of certain nutrients and vitamins. Here are reasons why vegans are susceptible to dental cavities.

Vitamin D Deficiency

One of the best ways to absorb calcium is using vitamin D. The best sources of vitamin D are the sun, fatty fish, eggs, and fortified milk, among others. Therefore, to ensure that you get sufficient vitamin D, you should spend some time outdoors in direct sunshine. As much as the sun is a good source of this nutrient, it might take longer to be absorbed into your system compared to nutrients obtained from food. Meat eaters have an edge over vegans because their bodies absorb vitamin D directly from the foods they eat. Given that calcium plays an important role in protecting teeth from cavities, vegans have a higher risk of suffering this condition because of insufficient calcium.

Calcium Deficiency

Our body needs calcium in order to support healthy gums and teeth. Fish and dairy products are some of the best sources of calcium. Given that vegans don't eat these products, they risk insufficient calcium. This means that they have to supplement their bodies with calcium from plant-based sources. Regardless, their teeth are at risk of developing cavities due to this condition. Fish and dairy products supply high levels of calcium compared to any plant-based sources.

Insufficient Amino Acids

Vegan diets might lack essential amino acids like arginine, which is commonly found in dairy, fish, and meat. Amino acids help prevent gum disease and cavities by eliminating dental plaque. Lack of these acids makes vegans more susceptible to dental cavities. Visit our offices for more information on how to effectively manage dental cavities.
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