Mother’s Day Dental Care in Soldotna

Mother’s Day Dental Care in Soldotna

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and that means honoring Mom for all she’s done. Why not give her the gift of feeling confident about her dental health? By scheduling a dental cleaning for Mom, she’ll not only receive the benefits of brightening and cleaning her teeth, her dentist will also check for any dental concerns, whether it be the need for a filling, gingivitis, or more serious issues. A dental cleaning (including a screening by our dentist) is a great way to show Mom just how much you care, since you’ll be helping her achieve dental health for the long haul. Our staff at Peninsula Dental Center thinks that Mother’s Day Dental Care in Soldotna should be an annual tradition to keep all Moms in good health and enable them to feel good about their smile!

What will a dental cleaning cover?

A dental cleaning is a thorough deep-clean procedure performed by your dentist or dental hygienist. These cleanings begin with an inspection of the mouth using a special mirror, to check for any concerns. Next, dental instruments are used to remove plaque and tartar from teeth. If you dislike the sounds of scraping on your teeth, just remember that thorough brushing and flossing will limit the amount of time your dentist spends removing build-up on your teeth. After the scraping, a special toothpaste is used to thoroughly clean your teeth, followed by a deep and gentle flossing and rinse. Finally, a fluoride treatment is applied to seal and protect your teeth from decay.

While dental cleanings as a Mother’s Day gift may sound unconventional, it will really show Mom you care about her, and that you care about her health. Dental cleanings do a lot more than build confidence and clean teeth. They’re also essential for spotting issues like inflamed gums, cavities, and signs of oral cancer, and for preventing toothaches and tooth degradation or loss. Mother’s Day dental care in Soldotna is an excellent way to provide Mom with confidence in her smile and security in her long-term oral health.

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