Is Receiving Dental Care Safe While Pregnant?

Dental Care Throughout Pregnancy in Soldotna

Did you know women are more prone to cavities and tooth decay than men? Researchers have found that women, predominantly women who have had children, are more likely to have issues with their teeth (Science, 2008). While carrying children, women undergo significant changes to their hormones and saliva production. With the changes to their bodies, pregnant women may wonder, “Should I continue seeing the dentist throughout my pregnancy?” The short answer is, Yes. Our staff at Peninsula Family Dental Center recommends that pregnant women still receive dental care throughout their pregnancy in Soldotna, with some additional caution.

Is Dental Care Safe While Pregnant?

Most pregnant women already take on a whole new level of concern about their own health while carrying a child. They’re much more careful to ensure that their baby stays healthy and safe. As far as dental procedures, we want you to know that our Peninsula Family Dental Center office takes extra caution to help expectant mothers feel comfortable. If you inform our office that you’re pregnant, we won’t recommend certain medications or use x-rays during your visit. We limit your exposure to anything that could be harmful to your baby. Trained to care for patients of any age with various medical concerns, we’ll take appropriate caution during any regular dental cleanings or visits, for the duration of your pregnancy.

Anyone who has been pregnant, or knows someone who has been pregnant, knows pregnancy cravings are real. And while it’s okay to indulge occasionally on those sweet treats, don’t forget your at-home dental cleanings that include brushing and flossing. And know, if you have any aches or pains in your gums or teeth, it’s still safe to see your dentist even while you’re expecting. Be sure to inform your dentist of your pregnancy, or of any medical conditions, and we’ll make sure you receive quality, safe care. At Peninsula Family Dental Center, we encourage expectant moms to continue with dental care throughout their pregnancy in Soldotna. If you have any reservations, we’ll be happy to talk with you about any remaining questions or concerns.

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