Dentures in Soldotna, Alaska

Dentures in Soldotna Alaska

Are you suffering from the effects of missing teeth? If so, contacting your local dentist for dentures in Soldotna, Alaska is a great place to fill in the gaps and meet your need. There are a few misconceptions about dentures that we’d like to clear up in this blog post. These days, thanks to modern technology, people of all ages can benefit from well-fitting and long-lasting full or partial dentures.

What are the benefits of wearing dentures?

Dentures can correct problems that affect how you feel about your smile, as well as how you use your teeth. Whether you suffer from tooth decay, loss of teeth due to an accident, or you have a weak jawbone, dentures can help you feel good about smiling again, and give you back your ability to chew and eat well. Patients may consider using dentures for any of the following reasons:

  • To replace a tooth or teeth for aesthetic reasons
  • To replace missing teeth to increase ability to speak
  • To replace missing teeth to be able to eat different textures and types of foods
  • To replace missing teeth to prevent damage to their gums or jawbone
  • To replace missing teeth due to loss of teeth from poor bone density

At Peninsula Family Dental Center, we value precise and well-fitting fillings, bridges, and dentures. For our full set of dentures we take molds of your entire mouth to make sure our dentures will precisely fit your mouth shape and will be the right size for your gums. We also offer partial dentures to fill in quantities of missing teeth. When creating your partial dentures, we also take an entire mold of your mouth, including the existing teeth, to ensure that you won’t have any discomfort.

Used widely across the United States, dentures are no longer heavy and clunky, as they were in the past. These days they’re created using high-tech methods, and if properly prescribed and measured, your dentures will fit well against your gums and look very similar to natural teeth. Dentures from Peninsula Family Dental Center are an ideal way to improve the overall look of your smile and to improve your ability to eat and speak. We invite you to contact your local Peninsula Family Dental Center dentist for dentures in Soldotna, Alaska. We’ll be more than willing to discuss your personal needs and to map out a plan for restoring your smile.

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