How interesting would it be to go to the dentist to regrow your teeth?

How Interesting Would It Be To Go To The Dentist To Regrow Your Teeth?

How interesting would it be to go to the dentist to regrow your teeth? Modern dental methods require drilling and filling cavities to prevent further tooth decay or tooth loss. These practices require using tools that can disrupt the natural tooth composition. While current dental techniques are essential for caring for and treating our teeth, new research indicates that regrowing teeth could be a possibility in the not-too-distant future. The staff at Peninsula Family Dental Center is keeping an eye on this new development in dentistry research.

Currently, bioengineer Paul Sharpe is working on research that focuses on regrowing the teeth of mice. His research has proven successful by adding stem cells into the dental pulp of mice (King’s College London, 2014). Through cell-to-cell communication, cells have been shown to regrow parts of our human bodies, like skin and intestines. In pondering the possibilities for regrowth, Sharpe wondered if it would be feasible to regrow teeth. By mimicking cavities in the molars of mice, Sharpe added various drugs into the molars that are known to stimulate cell-to-cell communication. Surprisingly, the combination of drugs worked extremely well in repairing the teeth of the mice to their natural states.

Paul Sharpe’s work has been groundbreaking in terms of dental scientific research. If his research continues to be successful and moves forward into clinical trials, it could bring extensive changes to the field of modern dentistry. Rather than using standard techniques of drilling and filling with dental sealants, treatments for cavities could become much more simple using Sharpe’s WNT pathway stimulation to restore teeth.

At Peninsula Family Dental Center we value beautiful, white smiles, and we’re excited about advancements in dental methods that contribute to strong and healthy teeth. Upgrading our technology to keep it current is part of giving our patients the best dental care available. With Paul Sharpe’s experiments at the forefront of current dental scientific research, we anticipate the possibility of being able to help our patients regrow their teeth. Here’s to a bright future in dental care!

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