The Benefits of Dental Implants on the Kenai Peninsula

The list of benefits of using dental implants is almost endless. While standard bridges require the grinding down of healthy teeth to hold the artificial tooth in place, dental implants are held in the mouth with titanium rods. This makes the implant sturdier and longer-lasting than standard bridges. By using the implanted metal rod, the new tooth will not need to be held in place by the existing teeth, which keeps the neighboring teeth healthy and at a reduced risk for infection or damage.

Dental implants also require less maintenance over time than bridges, and offer a more permanent solution to fixing your teeth and protecting your bone structure. Dental implants support overall face shape and bone structure, and will help prevent the deterioration of the jawbone that could occur from leaving a gap in your teeth unfilled. The permanent addition of dental implants will prevent the artificial tooth from moving, helping the client to speak and eat easily. Alternative options, such as full or partial dentures, tend to move and can lead to difficulty eating or speaking.

Dental implants are often recommended by dentists for the following reasons:

  • A permanent solution to missing teeth
  • To correct a gap in the smile due to a decayed tooth, trauma, or damage to the tooth
  • To uphold the structure of your jaw after removing a decayed or damaged tooth
  • To correct your natural face shape and bone structure

You are a good candidate for dental implants if you need to replace a decayed or broken tooth and have good overall gum health, as well as good bone density and structure. Ask the dentists at Peninsula Family Dental about your smile situation and they will be happy to make sure that your bone structure and dental concerns are right for dental implants. The dental implants are all done in the office, making the procedure as seamless and convenient as possible. If you’re looking for dental implants on the Kenai Peninsula, call to schedule an appointment today!

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (12/10/15) Obra Shalom Campo Grande (Flickr)